De Soester Duinen

The ‘Lange’ and ‘Korte Duinen’ in the municipality of Soest is a Geological Monument where the sand can still drift a little. The area is photographically interesting because of the rolling sand dunes, sight lines, heath and forests.

Striking trees and walker with dog Soester Duinen
View line Soester Duinen
Path through the forest around the Soester Duinen
Shadow of a tree in the sand of Soester Duinen
View of Soester Duinen with shade of trees in the foreground
Pollen of grass in the water illuminated by the setting sun, Soester Duinen
Another portrait photo of pollen of grass illuminated by the setting sun
Soester Duinen with heather in the foreground walkers in the distance
View of the Soester Duinen through willow catkins with heather and birch
Flowering heather and spruce on Soester Duinen
Approaching storm with dramatic sky over the Soester Duinen
Soester Duinen after sunset with pattern of grass pollen
Composition with the two striking trees on the Soester Duinen during a foggy morning
Battered tree in the foreground and three trees shrouded in fog on the Soester Duinen
Composition with four trees in the mist at sunrise on the Soester Duinen
Korte Duinen van de Soester Duinen with rider and horse in the snow
Spruce in the snow, Korte Duinen
Spruce in the snow with branches that lie over the ground, Korte Duinen
Two walkers on the rolling Soester Duinen with threatening trees on the horizon