Estate Heidestein

Estate Heidestein lies between Zeist and Driebergen-Rijsenburg and consists of pine and mixed forests, moors, shifting sands and a small lake. The area is grazed by Drenthe Heath sheep.

Trees around the fen in Heidestein.
Four grazing Drenthe Heath sheep pose against a dramatic sky after the storm.
Mist patches over Heidestein.
Strongly lit tree during a foggy morning at Landgoed Heidestein.
Compositie met boomstronken Landgoed Heidestein.
A bright low sun over the Heidestein Estate
Grazing Drenthe Heath sheep, Estate Heidestein.
A wide angle view of the Heidestein fen at sunrise.
Spring green tree highlighted by the morning sun at Landgoed Heidestein.
A path and lines in the landscape lead along a tree to a dramatic sunset over the estate Heidestein.
The herd of heathland sheep from Landgoed Heidestein after sunset.
Sunset with flowering heather, Heidestein Estate
Heidestein a landscape and sky with textures and patterns.
Composition with a lump of grass in the foreground, in the distance trees hidden in the fog.
Birch in autumn colours in a landscape coloured by night frost, estate Heidestein.