Album 1 – Butterflies

Butterfly, Speckled Wood on serrated leave
1/9  Speckled Wood – Pararge aegeria
Butterfly, Common Blue on blade of grass
2/9  Common Blue – Polyommatus icarus
Butterflies, pair of veined whites on thistle flower
3/9  Green-veined White – Pieris napi
Map Butterfly on blackberry leaf
4/9  Map Butterfly – Araschnia levana
Butterfly, Common Blue hanging upside down in faded twigs
5/9  Common Blue – Polyommatus icarus
Butterfly, Large Skipper
6/9  Large Skipper – Ochlodes sylvanus
Comma Butterfly on chopped leaf
7/9  Comma Butterfly – Polygonia c-album
Butterfly, Small Heath on Water Mint
8/9  Small Heath – Coenonympha pamphilus
Butterfly, Forester on grass
9/9  Forester – Adscita statices