Soaking wet in Utrecht

After walking around for a couple of hours in technical clothing I still managed to get wet. Being soaked is also a good way of getting really cold. Simple operations such as fitting a lens cap becomes a laborious task, an impossibility. However water does beautiful things with people, light and colour.

Couple in the rain share an orange umbrella
People in the rain on the stairs behind Utrecht Central Station
Woman walks beside her bike in the rain, on the luggage carrier wooden boxes with the text ‘Holland 1967’
Bent woman with hood walks in the rain past a shop window with summerly dressed models
Red bicycle bell with in the background a building wrapped in red netting, a woman with an umbrella is passing by
Group of people with umbrellas, walk under the passage of the Dom Tower
Raindrops on the windshield of a scooter, out of focus in the background a cyclist in poncho and pink lighting on a building
Two women with umbrellas walk in the pouring rain, the wet street reflects colourful lighting