Rotterdam light

The weather was exceptionally warm and sunny but because of the low-lying sun many streets in my place of birth are still shrouded in shadow. I chase after the sun, in a search for fascinating 010 light.

Fence with grafitti, building shack and in background silo, a construction worker walks up the stairs of the bright green coloured construction shack
Cyclist photographed between two air vents in the background industry with construction cranes
Striking sunrays shine on waiting passengers at Rotterdam Central Station
Boy in the foreground looks, on the Luchtsingel in Rotterdam, out over the city in the background two girls are looking at a smartphone
A person walks through the arcade at the New Institute / Museum of Architecture
A man looks at his smartphone seen from the Koopgoot in Rotterdam
A girl is walking past a façade with strong shadow patterns
The shadow of a telephoning man projected on a pillar of an arcade, a van is parked in the shadows