Pollard willows on fire

Along the Langbroekerdijk, the road from Odijk to Wijk bij Duurstede, there is a field with small strikingly coloured pollard willows. The warm colours of the branches are in contrast with the cool temperature of the surroundings.

Bridge over a ditch in a field with brightly coloured pollard willows, house in the background

Where the warm colours of the willows mingle with the background, red to almost purple shades can be seen.

Two pollard willows in the foreground, out of focus in the background a bridge and field with pollard willows
Field pollard willows of which two in close up

The erratic graphic shapes of the oaks in the background provide a powerful backdrop. The oaks stand with their feet in ‘willow fire’.

Field pollard willows with capricious oaks in the background
In foreground, out of focus, truncated willow in a field with brightly colored pollard willows, oaks and small house in background