95% of my photos are out of focus

My macro lens is an amazing piece of technology; state of the art. But it is a rather superficial type with little depth. The sharpness is only present as a thin strip.

Drop of dew on the tip of a leaf and a damselfly out of focus behind it

Trying to get as much focus as possible is a frustrating pursuit. I therefore embrace the intrinsic qualities of this lens as a good friend.


With the quality of this kind of blur you come closest to drawing with light. The expressive type of light, such as a drawing you make with soft pencils on an uncoated sheet of paper.

Bee on a flower

When photographing with a high iso value you get a nice grain for free. Take scare stories about a little noise in your photo with a pinch of salt, it has proven itself a long time ago. Diffused daylight and fast-moving subjects, such as bees, simply require a somewhat higher iso value.

Heidelibel is blowing along with the grass
Bumblebee in a flower of a thistle

More macro photography in my portfolio.