Mist and snow on the estate Heidestein

Spruce behind a sand hill in misty and snowy Heidestein

Last Sunday, the 16th of December, Heidestein was shrouded in mist and covered with snow. I love the mist and how it makes the landscape calmer, simpler. It provides a particularly beautiful and quiet environment in which you would be inclined to whisper.

Composition with a tree stump in the foreground and two spruces behind it

The mist also brings an attractive layering. It was so misty on Sunday that this was also visible in trees that were relatively close to each other. The snow created contrast, the obvious limitation of colour and subtle accentuation of lines in the landscape.

Along a snowy path stands a group of birch trees and in the distance a spruce wrapped in mist
In the foreground the frozen pond with tree-like shapes in the ice and a spruce in the background
Composition with a lump of grass in the foreground, in the distance trees hidden in the fog

The following day, on Monday, the snow had melted and the conditions were completely different. During the sunset I made a photograph with dramatic clouds, saturated colours and complex textures, anything but quiet or simple ...

A path and lines in the landscape lead along a tree to a dramatic sunset