Meanwhile in De Brink nature park

Macro photography is an eye-opener in many different ways. Locations prove more valuable than expected. De Brink nature park, in my home town of Zeist, is such a location. What comes from far is not necessarily better.

Damsel on a blade of grass
It’s like damselflies are looking at you, it gives them personality

For macro photography it is not necessary to further burden the environment by making long journeys. The park nearby even the private garden can be a good location.

Blue snout beetle with dew drops
Dew drops become a flood for this blue snout beetle

Scientists predict that the number of insect species worldwide will decrease by 40 percent in the coming decades. Insects will become extinct eight times as fast as mammals, birds and reptiles.

Yellow mask flower with dew drops

If insects die out so quickly, we lose a link and the chain falls apart. Photography and macro photography in particular, can play a valuable educational role and help to raise awareness of one’s own living environment.

Red-eye damsel
Red-eye damsel with a dew drop on his head

I think that creatively portraying plants and insects is even more important than ever before. Insects are not only an important link in the chain, they are also incredibly photogenic.

Large emperor dragonfly
This impressive appearance, the large emperor dragonfly, can also be seen with the naked eye see