Konik horses

Here in the Netherlands, the Konik horse can be found grazing in nature reserves, helping to keep the vegetation short. They are well known inhabitants of the Oostvaardersplassen. They have a small primitive stature and, as far as I understand horses, seem to have a friendly nature.

Konik horses in the nature reserve ‘the Blauwe Kamer’ near Rhenen
Mare with foal in a spring meadow

Its a very special experience quietly standing amidst a herd, observing and photographing them in peace. You can feel the dynamics of the group and the strong mutual bond. Foals are curious and sometimes approach you. I don’t stroke them but take a few steps backwards so they quickly lose interest.

Group of Konik horses with the rest of the herd in the background
Herd just before sunset
Herd with mare and two foals in the foreground

In the areas where they graze, it is recommended that one keeps a distance; there are warnings about unpredictable behavior. I have never noticed anything untoward. When a stallion stands between you and a foal, you instinctively know that it’s time to move on.

Portrait of three Konik horses