Broekhuizen Estate - macro and landscape

In the park around Broekhuizen castle there are two ponds where you can see numerous dragonflies and damselflies; a great location for macro photography. Last Wednesday, a dramatic thunderstorm also hit the estate; a great moment for landscape photography.

Armored Damsel on sorrel
Beautifully coloured damselfly on sorrel
Dragonfly on cane stem
This young dragonfly is only a few hours old

Young dragonflies will remain long enough in one place for you to photograph them from different points of view. But if they climb up, or start to move their wings, they will soon fly away.

The same dragonfly on cane stem from a different point of view
Dragonflies are impressive flying machines, they can reach a speed up to 34 mph
Young dragonfly
Dragonfly with the skin from which he or she has crept
Snail on a grass stalk

The snail above and the two grasshoppers below are very small and hidden in the grass. Lying on your stomach, they can only be clearly seen and photographed.

Two grasshoppers in the grass

The weather changes, time to switch from macro to wide-angle lens. In the foreground near the reeds, there is one of the ponds. Behind the house is the second and larger pond.

Thunderstorm travels over estate Broekhuizen
Thunderstorm with lightning strike