Balancing light and shadow

Let the shadow take away what it wants. I happily make use of what remains.

A woman walks across a courtyard in the morning sun, a motorcycle is parked, Utrecht
A woman is cycling through a pattern of flags, windows and shadows, Utrecht
Man and woman walk along a sunlight-sprinkled façade, Utrecht
A young man cycles through a ray of sunlight, his pants show similarities with the red-white shutters on the façade, Utrecht
A woman is riding towards a bright sun, her clothing has, like the background, nautical references, Utrecht
A man casts a shadow on a wall, an imposing shadow of a tree can be seen on a wall behind, Utrecht
A young man walks through a tunnel, a strong morning sun creates a special play of light and shadow, Utrecht
Four men walk side by side in an alley towards the sun, two streetlights are illuminated by the sun, Utrecht
A man telephones, a scene with strong backlight and three streetlights, Utrecht
A man on a bicycle looks startled behind him just before he disappears in the shadows, Utrecht
A cyclist in the bright sun in front of a corner shop with green-white sun protection, Utrecht