I am a photographing graphic designer and a graphic designing photographer, with a passion for macro and nature photography.

Marco Koedam
Marco Koedam

As a graphic designer (since 1988) I work a lot with photography either in collaboration with photographers or through the use of my own photographs.

During my study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague I also spent a lot of time on photography. We were fortunate to have a very well-equipped studio with all kinds of cameras, lamps, tripods and dark room. I found it interesting to discover the possibilities of different types of cameras such as technical and medium format cameras. I also bought my first SLR camera. Seeing an image come to life in a development tray was a joyful and exciting moment every time. I enjoyed it so much that I set up a simple darkroom at home, which I continued to use for a years.

I have worked with all kinds of graphic techniques such as etching, lithography and screen printing. I also experimented with gum printing, a less known technique. I have a special affinity with calligraphy, typefaces and typography. It influences the way I look at my surroundings. I am constantly making compositions, even without a camera. Shape and residual shape, rhythm and structure, layout and hierarchy, contrast and colour provide a constant source of inspiration. As long as there is light compositions can be made.

In addition to my photography, I work with my wife in the design partnership Conefrey/Koedam. We design for printed and digital media. We do this in commission or we initiate our own projects. Ann specializes in tactile design and braille. You can read more about it on Braille Dots.

Do you want to use my photography in print or digitally, or are you interested in a Fine Art Print of my photographs then please send me an email.